Royal Van Zanten on the impact of COVID-19

2 Jun 2020

The coronavirus is having a huge global impact. Unfortunately, it has claimed many victims and is spreading to every continent. The health of everyone is a top priority, and this includes Royal Van Zanten’s employees and their environment. For this reason, Maarten Goos, Managing Director of Van Zanten Breeding, wants to keep the market and their customers informed of how this is affecting the ornamental horticulture sector and to express his appreciation for customers, suppliers and employees.

Digital contacts
Royal Van Zanten will be realising various ways to stay in digital contact with customers over the coming period. One of these will be inviting them to sign up for specific webinars where they will be informed of the latest updates and developments. Creative means will also be found to present the flowertrials scheduled for August in Colombia. So stay tuned to our social media channels to find out what’s going on. Royal Van Zanten continues to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines that apply in each country.

More information about COVID-19 guidelines at Royal Van Zanten:

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