Royal Van Zanten is promoting its chrysanthemums for Russian Women’s Day

15 Feb 2021

Women’s Day is one of the most important days of the year in Russia and the perfect time for giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the one you love. A bouquet that you naturally want to enjoy for as long as possible, and Royal van Zanten’s colourful and versatile chrysanthemums are perfect for this.

In collaboration with a number of growers, various promotional activities have therefore been set up in recent weeks to draw attention to the diversity and variety of uses within the chain. Several online channels have been deployed to this end because unfortunately, travel is not possible yet.

Creation and inspiration = enjoyment

and that is exactly what our cooperation with the Russian Araik Galystan Premium Flower School has yielded, by working with chrysanthemums from Royal Van Zanten. A large number of eye-catching arrangements have been created to show the diversity within the portfolio. Arrangements from small to large, with the biggest bridal bouquet in the world containing spray chrysanthemums Chic and Bonita as the cherry on the cake, all made by Araik Galystan. This masterpiece has even been mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. The creative sessions have also been supplemented with live sessions in which information is shared about the variety characteristics and cultivation method.


Women’s Day and chrysanthemums from Royal Van Zanten: the perfect combination for a grand, loving gesture.

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