Royal Van Zanten inspires at TradeFair Aalsmeer (NL)

Royal Van Zanten excels in the new genetics of pot plants and cut flowers. During the TradeFair, all the attention will be on our various novelties. We also offer the opportunity to experience our entire product range in virtual reality and 3D. The various cut flowers and pot plants will be exhibited in a completely modern, fresh, trendy booth. 

An overview of our novelties:

Milkshake™: Thanks to intensive breeding and extensive tests worldwide, there is always a series for your specific wishes. There is our new compact Milkshake® series for indoor cultivation. Why growers and their customers choose Milkshake™. All Milkshake™ colours are mutations of a single variety, so they have a similar growth cycle and develop uniform plants that flower at the same time. They also need little or no growth regulation and have a response time of about 6 weeks. This makes growing these beauties even more attractive. Milkshake™ chrysanthemums are suited for darkened cultivation, which provides perfectly programmable availability for retail sales. Their compact plant shape helps save on transportation costs. At last the flowers open up gradually. This provides a longer sales window and allows consumers to enjoy the flowering plants for a longer period in the garden.

Garden Celosia XXL: Create the ultimate holiday feeling in your own garden during late summer and autumn with the new XXL Celosia! The XXL series is available in Orange. Its large, striking, plume-like inflorescences are a real eye-catcher in your garden or a in nice large container on your patio. Celosia XXL plants have very healthy, firm foliage. Besides this, XXL celosias exhibit an excellent shelf life and an extended flowering period. Celosia XXL can be cultivated without darkening and are suitable for cultivation in 17-27 cm containers. Celosias are known for their convenient character and are plants that really fall into the easy-care category.

Colorita®: Sustainability is here to stay. People no longer considered it an option or a choice, but a must. Not only is sustainability integrated further into our lives, but consumers are also expecting more and more that the plants they buy are produced in a responsible manner and are beneficial to our eco-system. This day, we tell you more about the sustainable and bee-friendly character of our Colorita®. Bee-friendly is a trend, but is every plant melliferous? We can confidently say our Colorita® plants are! Why? Let us explain! Due to the amount of nectar and pollen, our Colorita® varieties are definitely favourable plants for bees. The visible nectar guidelines on the petals lead the bees towards the source of their food, while the open flower shape provides them easy access and protection from the wind.

Chrysanthemum Cruella: Cruella makes her debut! A new disbud Chrysanthemum surprising you with her unique shape and incredible flowers! Cruella characterises herself by her quirky, amazing flower shape. This effect is further enhances by the bright orange colour that perfectly match the latest trends. A full disbudded Chrysanthemum with a long vase life and intriguing character of the contrasting colour play between fresh orange and dark green leaves. The year-round availability of Cruella opens a world of possibilities to use her for various occasions. Add an extra dimension of colour and contrast to bouquets or arrangements or let her shine in a mono bouquet. Her iconic orange colour is easily associated with autumn but think again: her distinctive colour matches every season. A true eye-catcher with great potential. The name Cruella underlines the unique character of this new disbudded chrysanthemum even more. In other words: this flower will not be ignored. Large orange flowers reveal bizarrely shaped petals: it’s Cruella!

Alstroemeria Virgin Queen: dazzling white Alstroemeria with XXL flowers. Just how innovative can white Alstroemeria flowers be? Royal van Zanten introduces Alstroemeria Virgin Queen. This variety is both innovative and surprising thanks to its intense white colour and especially the XXL size of its flowers. This combination makes Virgin Queen incredibly attractive and versatile. For florists, Virgin Queen is a flower that they can use in many different ways throughout the seasons. Virgin Queen works really well in fresh mono bouquets and radiant white bridal work, for example, but also in cheerful trendy (picking) bouquets. The intense white, large flowers really highlight other flowers, like a white canvas. Even just a single stem in a tall vase is a feast for the eyes that can be enjoyed for a long time. Virgin Queen’s flower, branch and leaf quality are all excellent.

Charmelia Yellow: The Charmelia® series is being expanded again. Royal van Zanten is introducing a yellow variety: Charmelia® Yellow. It brings real joy! Following the success of Charmelia® Pink, White and Blush, it is high time to add a new colour to the series: sunny yellow. This striking colour is making a real comeback. Illuminating yellow has been named Pantone colour of the year 2021, and with good reason. Thanks to the introduction of Charmelia® Yellow, you can now create radiant yellow bouquets that perfectly match the latest trends, but also the need for happiness, friendliness and optimism. Just like Charmelia® Pink, White and Blush, Yellow has the unique characteristics Charmelia® is celebrated for: an enchanting appearance, rich flowering and an exceptionally long vase life. Charmelia® stays fresh and radiant in the vase for up to 21 days.

Statice Apricot Sun Birds™: Meet Apricot Sun Birds™. The latest addition to the statice range from Royal Van Zanten.
Apricot Sun Birds™ sets itself apart with its unique apricot/peach colour, large spikes and sturdy stems. Take a moment to look at it closely, let its beauty soak in and discover the versatility of this variety. Up close, the delicate little flowers look as if they are made from tissue paper, but make no mistake, statice is an incredibly strong flower and a real eye-catcher in any bouquet. Like all other statice varieties, Apricot Sun Birds™ is also perfect for drying, which makes it an incredibly versatile cut flower. Apricot Sun Birds™ is a stylish, trendy newcomer that holds its colour, even after drying. Completely in line with the latest colour trends, Apricot Sun will take any floral creation to the next level. As such, this variety is simply a must-have addition for anyone looking to stand out.

Virtual Experience
Visit our Virtual Flower Show in virtual reality to view our flower assortment by colour or scroll through our FlowerTrials in 3D. At our booth we’ll give you an impression of the full range.

When it comes to sustainability, Royal Van Zanten won’t sit still. We recently introduced Alstroemeria Mistral, which is grown fully CO2 neutral because of CO2 compensation at the grower.  It has been positioned nicely in the market in the past year in partnership with our customer Tesselaar Alstroemeria from Luttelgeest, the Netherlands. Colorita has also opted for sustainable recyclable labels made of bamboo and paper.

A lot of news and trends – visit our booth: 16.24 in hall 2!

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