New: Charmelia® Blush doubles the pleasure!

20 Sep 2017

The new Charmelia® Blush with its blend of two colours imbues the Charmelia® series with added élan. Its two bright colours create a splendid contrast: a beautiful complement to Charmelia® Pink and White. Charmelia® Blush will be exclusively introduced in week 39 by OZ Export and Hamifleurs. The introduction is a partnership between cut flower grower Together2Grow and breeder Royal van Zanten.

Three Charmelia® varieties with a long vase life
Charmelia® is friendly, feminine and elegant. It is known and valued for its long vase life. Charmelia® Blush also promises this outstanding quality. The dainty Charmelia® Blush has a dense flower head which produces a lively, colourful effect. Its bicolour flowers and foliage consistently remain in optimum condition over a long period and retain their freshness and bright colour. Charmelia® Blush guarantees double colour pleasure for at least three weeks.

Charmelia® grown by Together2Grow
All three varieties in the Charmelia® series – Blush, Pink and White – are produced by Together2Grow, a cut flower grower which specialises in cultivating exclusive, high-quality Alstroemeria varieties. Together2Grow is motivated every day by its desire to intensify its partnerships with other businesses in the supply chain, from breeder to customer. The company also focuses on innovation and reliability, ensuring that the customer is amazed day after day by the special characteristics of these cut flowers. The partnership with Royal Van Zanten, OZ Export and Hamifleurs for the introduction of Charmelia® Blush is an excellent example of this approach.

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