7 May 2020

A new season is coming…

As we all cope with the challenges every day that are caused by COVID-19 or better known as the Corona virus, we are hopeful and see / hear positive messages. We have taken time to reflect and are ready for next season. We decided it would be wiser to only make a digital brochure this time around. So, with pride we present you our new 2020-2021 brochure filled with best-selling potted alstroemerias, trendy variegated leaves and much more.

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Sustainability on top of mind

During time where health is on top of mind and our society slows down, it is good to reflect on our impact on mother earth. Colorita® and Salt Lake® plants are a great sustainable product to cultivate. The cultivation process has a low impact on the environment and low energy costs. Consumers love these plants for their easy-care character.

Colorita® requires very little maintenance and flourishes all summer long. They are also heat tolerant, attract pollinators and can even survive a soft winter without too much frost.

As Royal Van Zanten, we also take our responsibility. Our sites are MPS-certified and are a member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). If you like to know more about this topic please contact us.

Trend forecast 2020-2021

We love to point out our unique products. With these plants you can differentiate yourselves from your competitors in the market and offer your clients something special.

Variegated leaves

We are the only breeder that offers you potted alstroemeria plants that have variegated leaves. It was already predicted that the variegated plants would be a big trend in 2020. A new generation is looking for unique plants and variegated leaves are popping up everywhere on social media. Still growing in popularity and gaining more fans every day. With our white alstroemeria Fabiana® and red Katiana® you can hop on board with this trend!

Unique flower shape

Yentl® and Charmelita® White both have unique flower shapes. Yentl® has big flowers and has curled edges on each petal. Charmelita® has multiple compact flowers. Her petals have a more pointy shape.

Download the catalogue here!

Are you interested in our products and / or Colorita® concept and do you want to be inspired on how you can make a difference with our varieties? Then please contact your Area Manager.

Stay strong, stay healthy!

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