Microcredit: Royal Van Zanten offers employees a rich perspective

28 Jun 2018

Microcredit: Royal Van Zanten offers employees a rich perspective
Microcredit in practice: Royal Van Zanten, a breeder operating in Uganda (among other countries) has made many successful microloans in recent years. Doing so has made it possible for the employees to buy their own land or a house and to pay school tuition. ‘It gives us both more security and more opportunities’, said one employee of this horticultural company.

Social impact provided by breeder gives local community both security and opportunities
Employees are receiving financial advice and assistance in managing their money. Helping employees save is enabling them to buy their own land or build a house. The employer is also offering small loans that employees can use to realise a dream like starting their own business. One employee, for example, started her own design company and is now producing beautiful designs and printed matter. Her talents are being realised more than ever, and she is using her profits to pay the school tuition for her nephews. She is also providing the Dutch cutting producer’s employees with printed T-shirts and sportswear.

A CSR leader in Uganda
In addition to South Africa and the Netherlands, this long-established family business has two production locations in Uganda. The breeder is being praised in Uganda for the social and sustainable impact it’s making. The communities surrounding these production locations are flourishing due to the organisation’s support in the areas of sports, healthcare, good wages, the consideration given to the environment and biodiversity, and by the provision of microfinancing which is ensuring the local population with financial security and a better future.

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