Keukenhof 70 years

Keukenhof celebrates its 70th birthday this year. It is therefore not surprising that they choose Flower Power as a theme, the power of flowers. Keukenhof has grown into a worldwide concept and for many an annual event. Logical, because who doesn’t love the unique color and smell experience that the 32ha park offers its many visitors. At the same time a fantastic promotion for Dutch floriculture. No less than five hundred growers show their most beautiful flowers and leading arrangers make unique shows.
Royal Van Zanten has been involved from the very beginning as a supplier of flower bulbs at Keukenhof. In the initial phase only tulip bulbs were delivered, but Keukenhof’s growth was in line with the growth of the range to be delivered. Royal Van Zanten now supplies a wide range of flower bulbs, pot and cut products for both the park and the flower shows. An excellent cooperation that will certainly continue in the future.

Where can you admire the products of Royal Van Zanten?
During the entire Keukenhof period you can admire our lilies during the various lilies shows in the Willem-Alexander Pavilion. The last two weeks that Keukenhof is open, you can admire the largest lily exhibition in the world.

Colorful and distinctive varieties from our own breeding. But also here and in the gardens you will find our tulips and tulip varieties that are traded exclusively for the grower. This is to inspire the visitor and thus contribute to the colorful park.

Royal Van Zanten and her growers also supply flowers for the various flower shows that take place in the Oranje Nassaup Pavilion, namely:
Alstroemeria show: 1 – 6 May
Chrysanthemum show: 24 April – 29 April
Summer flower show: 14 – 19 May

Flower Power, the power of flowers.
Flowers inspire people and in Keukenhof the flowers connect people from all over the world, who together enjoy tulips, scents and colors. Holland Nederland is world famous for the beautiful bulb fields and all kinds of flowers that are grown there. With bright colors, hippies, peace & music, Flower Power stands for the atmosphere of the early 70s. A beautiful theme to celebrate the 70th Keukenhof. Flower Power, the power of flowers!

From 21 March to 19 May 2019 the doors of the park will be open to the public again and everything will be in full bloom again – for the seventieth time. Marvel at this fantastic, flourishing end result personally and plan a visit to Keukenhof because that is absolutely worth it. Keukenhof is open daily from 08.00 – 19.30.

Picture: Pride serie, tulips (Royal Van Zanten)

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