It’s raining awards for Royal Van Zanten in Moscow!

17 Sep 2019

Three beautiful products by Royal Van Zanten won prizes at the leading FlowersExpo trade fair in Moscow: Charmelia® Purple, Chrysanthemum Vanya Pink and Pot Chrysanthemum Skyfall®. The international jury of experts has judged all entries. We are proud to present our award winners to you.

Novelty of the year: Charmelia® Purple
The jury is charmed by the Charmelia® Purple. She is the most recent addition to the successful Charmelia® range. This variety, like her predecessors, is also rewarded for her amazing qualities as novelty of the year! Rich in colour, rich in flowers and long vase life.

Chrysanthemum Vanya Pink, a striking beauty
Fluffy Chrysanthemum “Vanya Pink” has a striking appearance with her pink spherical floral shape and countless petals. A beautiful variety for florists, who like to stand out from the crowd with this “pompon disbud”. The professional jury also appreciates these qualities and named her novelty of the year within her category.

Best quality in the Chrysanthemum Multiflora: Skyfall®
Royal Van Zanten also won an award in the pot plants category with our colourful concept: Skyfall®. Thanks to her excellent quality, this “hanging basket” has caught the eye of the professional jury. Skyfall® will take the award ‘Best Quality’ for Multiflora back to the Netherlands.

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