Festive opening of Royal van Zanten in Uganda

9 Jul 2019

The symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the two new greenhouses at Royal van Zanten in Uganda was conducted by Sjoukje Heimovaara, Managing Director. And to make things even more festive, one of the two greenhouses is already in production, and the first harvest is expected in the second greenhouse in two weeks.

Why this expansion?
The answer is simple. ‘The demand for our chrysanthemums used as pot plants and cut flowers as well as our Multiflora chrysanthemums is on the rise. We are confident that this growth will continue,’ explained Sjoukje. ‘In addition to being able to meet this increasing demand, it’s also essential for us to provide our customers with a stable and reliable starting material.’

An incidental benefit of new greenhouses is that we can consider several objectives. Sustainability is one that ranks very high on our priority list. This is why these two new facilities were equipped with LED cyclical lighting: an effective and reliable alternative to conventional cyclical lighting that is also a lot more energy efficient.

A breeder’s corporate social responsibility in practice
Breeding company Royal Van Zanten is a true pioneer in the field of human capital. Having been presented with the Silver Award for Export Companies in 2018, and with its wide range of social facilities, this employer is an important pillar in Ugandan society in the regions where its production locations operate. Royal van Zanten invests in such benefits as health care, transport and training for its 1,200 employees and is MPS Socially Qualified.


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