Dutch breeder is a leader in sustainability in Uganda

7 Jun 2018

Dutch breeder is a leader in sustainability in Uganda
Breeding company Royal Van Zanten pursues a progressive policy at its production sites in Uganda. A look at its propagation facilities hones in on important sustainable certifications such as MPS GAP, ABC level 1 and Socially Qualified in practice.

Environmentally-friendly cultivation
In addition to traceability of trade, safety of employees and hygiene, environmentally-friendly cultivation is an important aspect at the production locations in Kampala and Wakiso. In the greenhouses, scouts check the crops thoroughly for insects, fungi and viruses which is carried out per cultivation area, one by one, six days a week. Based on the overall condition of the Chrysanthemum or Celosia crops and the presence of harmful organisms, an extremely targeted crop protection program is made. This cultivation approach – in particular the implementation of the specific crop protection method – makes Royal Van Zanten a leader in sustainability. In line with its focus on biodiversity, the organisation also places great emphasis on the so-called Integrated Pest Management (IPM): a method in which sustainable and environmentally-friendly cultivation a major pillar is. RVZ is also transparent in its feedback to customers about the crop protection products used. They can then take this into account in their own cultivation program


No waste

The plastic waste stream from Royal Van Zanten has also been reduced to zero. A local entrepreneur turns the used plastic from the propagation facilities into sustainable building materials. Working together with the local community and simultaneously recycling materials is proving fruitful.

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