Charmelia , the flower -to-be for all your wedding floristry

15 May 2019

Charmelia, the flower-to-be for all your wedding floristry

The bride-to-be. You can hardly believe it: you’re going to be married! You and your future husband (!) are both dreaming of that perfect wedding day. What you want is the ultimate romantic experience. Perhaps an outdoor wedding. Wouldn’t that be wonderful – out in a sun-drenched wildflower meadow… Surrounded by softly rustling leaves and birdsong. When you think of flowers, they should be lush, elegant, feminine, natural-looking and just a little unconventional. Charmelia has it all!
This flower will be brilliant in all your wedding floristry: from your bridal bouquet to your wrist corsage, from a flower garland to decorations for the dining table. You dream on and on: you want to say yes beneath a romantic flower archway and have pictures taken on a swing – no, two swings – covered in flowers. Whatever you decide, you’ll need flowers – and lots of them!

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