American florists can now order Charmelia® from our eCommerce

17 Aug 2021

American florists can now order Charmelia® from our eCommerce

Elegant, feminine and just a little bit different. Charmelia® has it all! She’s absolutely stunning and covered with flowers. Charmelia® is known not only for its enchanting beauty but also for its exceptionally long vase life of up to 21 days. This really is a unique cut flower, and you can now place your order at our eCommerce – and get it straight from the nursery!

Building the brand awareness and image of this unique cut flower has been a high priority in recent years. These efforts have paid off! This product’s versatility is another reason why Charmelia® has become such a favorite with wholesalers, florists and other retailers. Consumers greatly appreciate having flowers that last for up to 21 days, as well as their colors.

Not only Charmelia®’s unique characteristics and quality are important, but also the fact that it is greatly valued throughout the chain. Both offline and online surveys conducted among florists and consumers about what they think of this product show that Charmelia® is exceptionally well rated for its range of colors, long-lasting flowers and versatility: a truly fantastic result.

As you would expect, we also listen carefully to the wishes of the market and to the tips we receive during the various studies regarding the availability of Charmelia®. We try to address this input whenever possible, which is why we decided to launch our US eCommerce!


The launch of the Charmelia eCommerce®
In order to optimize the availability of Charmelia®, we have recently been working hard on setting up a eCommerce. By this time, we can proudly announce that it has gone live! From now on, florists and wholesalers can place their orders for Charmelia® directly in this eCommerce. Deliveries can be made to every state in the USA.

Services for wholesalers in the US
The eCommerce can also be linked via an API to a wholesaler’s online ordering system. In this regard, Jardines de los Andes offers various options for collaboration and resources for site-specific marketing.

About Jardines de los Andes
Jardines de los Andes has 48 years of experience dedicated to the breeding, production and export of fresh cut flowers. Founded in 1969, it is recognized as the pioneer company in innovation and high quality standards in Colombia. Jardines de los Andes works with The Gems Group® and World Class Flowers, distributors of the Charmelia® variety for retail channels and Miraflor and Gardens America for the wholesale market. Contact your distributor for more information.

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