Chrysanthemums for Valentine’s Day? Absolutely, why not! Barolo, in particular, has what it takes to shine on Valentine’s Day. This spray chrysanthemum has an intense, warm red colour – perfect for heartwarming bouquets.

Warm red with a fresh green centre
Spray chrysanthemums are beautiful in any colour, but on Valentine’s Day, red is a favourite. The warm-red Barolo is a real eye-catcher in Valentine’s Day bouquets. With its contrasting fresh green centre, this flower is very appealing. This spray chrysanthemum is also super strong: you can expect a vase life of two weeks, without a single petal falling down.

Surprising with pink
Valentine’s Day bouquets are allowed to make a statement: choosing only red flowers gets the message across clearly. But sometimes being a little more subtle (or more surprising) works too. You could also combine Barolo with soft pastels. This warm red spray chrysanthemum is surprisingly beautiful, for example, in a bouquet with soft pink roses. A light green colour accent – like snowball or dill – also works well; this addition really makes the fresh green centre of Barolo pop.

Tips, ideas & facts:

  • A red bouquet is, and always will be, a great choice for Valentine’s Day. The colour red stands for love, passion, fire and warmth, but also for blushing…
  • Put spray chrysanthemums in clean water with cut flower food and remove the bottom leaf to keep the water in the vase clean. This will keep the flowers beautiful for at least two weeks.
  • Barolo is available year round. Let this spray chrysanthemum shine not only on Valentine’s Day, but also for Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas and on any ‘everyday’ days that could use a little positive energy.


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