Celosia Wild grows wild and lush with striking dark pink plumes; fully natural. Perfect for adding instant colour to your garden, patio and balcony!


With its tempting pink colour, Celosia Wild is a real must-have. The dark pink plumes are distributed across the entire plant, adding to its natural look. As such, Celosia Wild also fits in seamlessly with the latest garden trends, where nature is allowed free rein in the garden. What’s stopping you? Go for wild and lush!

 Fully natural cultivation

Celosia Wild’s cultivation is also fully natural. Pot plant nursery Ammerlaan-Sosef grows this Celosia without using any gas, since the plant thrives at low temperatures. What’s more, no plant growth regulators are used. Celosia Wild grows just the way nature intended.

Celosia Wild is available in pot size 19, a convenient size for quickly and easily creating a colourful atmosphere in outdoor spaces.

More information for the trade, mass market and garden centres : Celosia ‘Wild’

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